Hargray Enterprise Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for larger business needs.

Internet Service for Business

Sometimes companies require more from a service provider, and your business can be challenging enough. Keeping your network simple can get complicated. Enterprise solutions from Hargray are designed to maximize network connectivity and allow larger businesses to simplify and thrive. Choose the Internet service and speed level that’s right for your business.

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Metro Ethernet

Today, your network is the lifeline of your business. Every time it goes down or causes you problems, you’re losing money. Hargray Metro Ethernet provides the speed, cost efficiencies, and flexibility to handle all your business’ advanced communication needs using a secure, private network. Speeds are available up to 10Gbps.

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Digital TV Service for Business

If your business depends on your ability to provide sports, news, or other entertainment to your customers, Hargray has the most affordable, full-featured option around. 

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Phone Service for Business

No matter what you need to keep your business connected, Hargray has phone services that are cost-effective, clear, and dependable. Consumers, vendors, and employees will benefit from the enhanced features and compatibility of Hargray phone services.

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We're On Your Team

Hargray enterprise solutions offer comprehensive tech support, from monitoring to management.


A Single Network Source

Trust Hargray to design, build, and manage your complete communications network.


Solutions That Scale

Work with Hargray to find an adaptable solution to your enterprise that’s flexible for growth.