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Hargray business phone service keeps businesses connected.

Always on Duty, Like Your Business

No matter what you need to keep your business connected, Hargray has business phone services that are cost-effective, clear, and dependable. Consumers, vendors, and employees will benefit from the enhanced features and compatibility of Hargray phone services:

  • Our business phone plans are backed by our all-digital network and proven quality, ensuring superior connections with unmatched clarity and reliability.
  • Hargray's Hosted Unified Communications provides the agility to keep your organization fully connected on the go.
  • Hargray’s Voice PRI and SIP Trunking brings the latest technology into the realm of affordability for small and medium-sized businesses, along with the ultimate in flexibility and features.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

  • Consultant will conduct a complementary analysis to understand the key drivers of your business profitability, identify technology gaps, and understand your company's future goals 
  • Provide a comprehensive recommendation based on identified needs
  • Partner with your business to implement a customized, scalable solution and provide ongoing local support

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Business Phone Service Features

With the rock-solid reliability, flexibility and particular features you need to keep your unique business connected on your terms, Hargray offers a comprehensive selection of business phone services features like Hosted Unified Communications, SIP Trunking and PRI Voice Service.


Hosted Unified Communications

More than a phone system, Hargray Hosted Unified Communications is a solution that gives businesses the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can now take advantage of integrated mobility and collaboration tools without the cost of maintaining expensive on-site equipment. Easy to personalize and easy to use, Hargray Hosted Unified Communications will link everyone in your company, allowing you to communicate more efficiently and effectively. And, since it’s from Hargray, you can count on expert installation, thorough training and local personal service.

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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking enables businesses to converge voice and data on a single network. It is available to customers who have SIP-capable IP PBXs. SIP Trunking delivers multiple simultaneous calls over an Ethernet circuit instead of traditional ISDN circuits. Instead of using physical trunks with copper wires, SIP Trunking establishes virtual IP channels for real-time communications over an Ethernet connection, be it voice, data, video or messaging. SIP Trunking is essentially the IP version of a PRI (Primary Rate Interface) trunk.

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PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

PRI delivers voice communications on a 100% digital connection to your PBX. Inbound and outbound calling are combined on the same connection, which maximizes efficiency and enables scalable growth. PRI features include:

  • Digital T1: Provides local and long-distance over a T1 connection to your PBX.
  • Call-by-Call Allocation: Enables all channels to be used for inbound or outbound calls at any time.
  • Dedicated Trunk Groups: Channels can be configured as stand-alone trunk groups.
  • DID Capability: Allows incoming calls to reach a specific number served by a PBX without the use of a call attendant.
  • Caller ID with name and Enhanced 911 included.

Long Distance calling options are available for your business phone line. For details, and to find out more about any of the phone plans outlined above, please ask your sales representative, or call 843.706.1850.

Advanced Messaging Services

Gain access to state-of-the-art messaging options from Hargray to help your business grow. With our Advanced Messaging Services, you will enjoy the latest technological advances in communication, such as personalized greetings, voicemail sent to your email and redirection services.

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