Hargray Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Electronet powered by Hargray Fiber is now here

Enterprise Solutions

Sometimes companies require more from a service provider, and keeping your network simple can get complicated. Enterprise solutions from Hargray are designed to maximize network connectivity and allow larger businesses to simplify and thrive. Hargray helps your business adapt with the times and maximize productivity.

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Small Business Solutions

Every business is unique, including yours, which is why Hargray specializes in options. We provide Internet, digital TV, and phone services that are scalable to the size of your business and its needs, but that’s only the beginning. No matter the size or complexity of your business, our tech-expert staff is ready to work closely with you to determine scope and help you implement your choice of our wide variety of small business solutions. From business bundles to managed services, Hargray helps you “set and forget” essential services, so you can focus on running your business.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

No matter what industry your business is in, Hargray is ready to deliver with advanced Internet, TV and Phone solutions. From resorts and hotels, to multi-dwelling units, and everything in between, future-proof your business with the fastest communication services around.

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How can we help?

Prior to transitioning your services

Over the next few months, we will upgrade the network and technology used to deliver your service.  We will inform you of any steps you need to take once we have completed our analysis of the Electronet infrastructure.

Although we will make every effort to minimize the impact to you, we may need to replace some of the existing equipment.

At the time of the transition

After we have completed all the upgrades necessary to deliver our services, we will transition you from the existing Electronet system to the upgraded network and billing systems. We will do our best to ensure a hassle-free transition, but there may be some cases where changes are unavoidable due to differences in our services.

After your services have been transitioned

You will receive a Hargray billing statement. One of our customer care specialists will reach out to you to discuss and review with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Electronet customers be able to receive all the same services offered in legacy Hargray markets?

Yes, we believe we will be able to offer our full suite of Hargray products and services in Tallahassee although assessment of the current network and infrastructure is ongoing. Barring any new discoveries during that assessment, we believe we will be able to offer all products and levels of service.

Does Electronet offer commercial products that are similar to Hargray?

Electronet offers data and voice services today. With the additional investments we will add Hargray’s full suite of products and increase the data speeds that can be offered to current and future customers.

What action, if any, do Electronet customers need to take?

Electronet customers do not need to take any action and will continue to receive the same services as before while we begin integrating them to Hargray’s network.

Will customers continue to receive a bill from Electronet?

Customers will continue to receive a bill from Electronet during the transition, and they should continue to pay the bill as they normally would. Once the transition is complete, customers will receive instructions regarding any payment changes.

Will Electronet customers continue to contact Electronet?

Yes, they will continue to make contact as before but during the integration we will be developing different contact methods which are consistent with the rest of Hargray. Once these methods are finalized all customers will receive the new contact information.