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How can I get help with my Tech Home Premium Protect and Technical Support services?

Support specialists are able to assist you when you call our direct line: 855-886-4441.

You can also access the Security Coverage Customer Portal by visiting

What does Premium Protect from Tech Home include?


What does world-class security mean?

World-class security means you get fully supported Web-security and anti-virus scans that protect your phone and tablet against the latest online threats. Visit to learn more.

What is personal data backup?

With personal data backup, you can sync and back-up all of your files, photos, contacts and other important information to protect against damage or device failure. Visit to learn more.

Is my personal information private?

Yes. Our cloud-based protection keeps your personal information secure and accessible wherever you are. Visit to learn more.

What does Unlimited Premium Technical Support mean?

Unlimited Premium Technical Support means you get reliable setup, support and troubleshooting for all of your connected electronics.

What is Home Network Management?

Home Network Management means our technicians are available to you around-the-clock to help you connect, test, fix and enjoy your network.

How many devices are protected with Premium Technical Support?

All of the exclusive features from our Protect Plan are included with additional coverage for up to four computers, laptops, phones or tablets.

What does Premium Technical Support from Tech Home include?


What is Password Genie?

Tech Home includes Password Genie password manager, data protection and password security. Available as desktop software or a mobile app, Password Genie acts as your digital wallet. To learn more, click here!

What is SecureIT?

Tech Home includes SecureIT antivirus and Internet security. It protects you and your family against the latest online threats, with desktop software and mobile apps to keep your computer and smartphone safe. To learn more, click here!

What is FileHopper?

Tech Home includes FileHopper file sharing and online backup. It’s the easiest way to store and share your files! Install on your desktop and your phone or tablet, and your files will be available wherever you are. Click here to learn more!