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Signs Your Business Needs More Reliable Internet

Businesses rely on the internet every day, so when connectivity is interrupted or it’s taking longer to access files you need, frustrations ensue.

Issues may seem temporary, even small, but they can add up over time incrementally, affecting everything from productivity to customer experiences and eventually impacting your revenues.


Here are several factors to consider when examining your path to fast, reliable internet at your business.


Speed & Bandwidth

You may be surprised at how easy the fix is for this one! Some business internet issues come down to inadequate speed -- you don’t have enough to support your operations, processes, and employees.

It could be that your business has grown since initially assessing your speed needs, and it's time to upgrade. For example, you may have added staff or additional cloud-based apps and programs.

Determining how much speed your business requires is partially based on the number of devices and employees. So any changes could reflect inadequate speed and unreliability.

Run a speed test to compare your speed with the number on your internet bill. If the numbers match up, you might need to upgrade your speed. If not, you may want to look into your router and review our helpful speed checklist.


Router Issues

Also, internet reliability issues can sometimes be traced to equipment or devices. Often that means the router.

Your business may be using a low-quality router or an outdated one. If so, solutions include rebooting your router, changing its position, or replacing it.

Also, check to see if your router can even reach max speeds. If not, it's holding you back from the high-speed level of internet you may need.

Other unreliability issues at your business could be traced to switches, WiFi APs or firewalls, which may limit the amount of traffic routed to the internet.  


Internet Providers

Given the critical role that the internet plays at a business, including its potential impact on revenues, it makes sense you’d want to seek a quality provider that could guarantee speeds and reliable connectivity.

Look for a provider with a broad range of service levels and speeds to identify the right option for reliable internet for your business, such as bandwidth tiers that support your type and size of operations.

Options on speed tiers will vary slightly from provider to provider, but they all measure internet speed the same way -- by how much data can be uploaded or downloaded in a second. Consider the number of devices and employees you have and what your business requires the internet for.  For example, you’ll want a provider that can deliver the highest speeds if you need to download extra large downloads regularly.

Further, if you have other related needs, such as WiFi and phone, identify a provider that allows you to bundle services and features.

Also, take a look at what a provider offers in terms of technical support and trouble resolution. For reliable internet, you'll want access to customer service professionals ready to support your needs. This means choosing a internet provider with excellent, local customer service!

It’s only offered in some areas, but check if a provider provides fiber or a fiber-fueled network, considered the fastest and most reliable internet. If available, your business could get access to up to 5 gig, identical download/upload speeds, and seamless upgrades as you grow.