Two small business owners look at a laptop together in a shop.

The Pros and Cons of DIY as a Small Business Owner

You have to believe in yourself when you run a business. However, this confidence may backfire if you bite off more than you can chew.

While you might be successful, the demands for you and your time are at a premium. And although there is plenty of helpful information available through a few clicks of the mouse, doing it yourself may not be worth your time. 

As you consider whether some tasks are worthwhile to do yourself, let's look at three popular DIY scenarios business owners ponder at one point or another.

Your Website

It seems so simple, right? Just a collection of words and images that properly represent what your business is all about. With the resources available for those who want to take on creating their website, there is no end to options.

But are you prepared to build your site yourself? Gabby Sappenfield of ROI Online outlines the Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Website, summarized here.

Why you should build your own website:

  • It costs less than paying someone or a firm to do it.
  • You set the pace and are accountable only to yourself.
    • You're unlikely to have this much control or autonomy on the outside.
  • You're the content expert.
    • After all, it's your business and you should.

Why you shouldn't build your own website:

  • It takes more time than you think.
    • According to, there's no single answer to how long it will take, which should tell you something.
  • You're too close to the subject and can't think like your customers.
    • Not a bad thing necessarily, just a fact you'll have to come to accept.
  • You didn't go to school for web design.
    • An assumption only because you're reading this.

Once you've looked at the pros and cons, you may still be undecided if you should take this project on yourself. We're providing these Surprising Insights from Small Businesses Using DIY Website Builders to help you decide what is right for your business.

Your Social Media Marketing

Sure, you joined Facebook when it was just a funny name, and you've dabbled in all the other social and professional networking platforms that matter. However, it's a whole new ballgame when it comes to social media marketing for business.

While you may think you're up for handling your social media marketing, are you sure? believes all small businesses and startups should do it, but who should do it is another story.

With some help from, we look again at the pros and cons.

Why you should do your own social media marketing:

  • It's less expensive than paying a marketing agency to handle it.
    • Some charge up to $200/hour to post for business marketing.
  • There is nothing to get between you and your vision.
    • There are no layers of agency bureaucracy to hold up the process or get in the way.
  • You're the expert.
    • Again, it's your business, and you know it like the back of your hand.

Why you shouldn't do your own social media marketing:

  • There are hidden costs you might not anticipate.
    • Who pays when you post an incorrect price that's $50 less? You do.
  • The education curve is steep and never-ending.
    • Do you want to learn aspect ratios for images on all platforms? Can your brain possibly hold all that knowledge while running the rest of your business?
  • Proficiency is never a given for those who dabble.
    • Unless you spend a lot of time on it that you probably don't have, you may never get as good at social media marketing as you hoped.

While you consider the whys and why nots, have a look at these Top 25 Business Social Media Fails that might help you decide if you're up to doing it on your own.

Your Ads

Perhaps you've seen an ad on TV featuring a business owner as a pitchman or woman that knocks your socks off—or makes you cringe. This leads to the question, should you be the star of your own ads?

It's not necessary for a lengthy debate of pros and cons here. The simple fact that the really good and not-so-good ads are memorable speaks to the power of extremes.

So, if you're going to do your own ads, don't forget that going all out may be your best option.