Fiber optic cable and construction updates.

The Lowcountry Broadband Plan is the most innovative telecommunications project ever undertaken in our region. And while the leading-edge technology will change the Internet forever, the actual construction process will cause relatively minor disruptions as hundreds of miles fiber optic cables are laid throughout the Lowcountry. We promise to take every step necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, protect your property and minimize the impact on your lawn.

Naturally, any project of this size and scope will encounter unexpected challenges and delays, yet overall, the Lowcountry Broadband Plan is on schedule to complete this system-wide upgrade that will ensure that our customers have the Internet speed and bandwidth they’ll need, no matter what the future brings.

How you can help

  • Let us know if you have an invisible fence, propane tanks or other underground features we should be aware of before digging by calling 866.531.9276
  • Ask your landscaper to leave the location flags and paint intact until fiber has been installed
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns by calling 866.531.9276 or complete the form on this page

Frequently asked questions about fiber optic cables and the Lowcountry Broadband Plan

What is Fiber Optic Cable and why is it better?

Fiber Optic Cable uses glass fibers to transmit data. It has greater bandwidth capacity which enables it to carry more data, enabling us to serve your home with Gigabit Internet speeds. It also provides consistency in download and upload speeds, and it reduces noise in the network, resulting in a better and more reliable Internet experience.

According to a Fiber to the Home Council of the Americas 2012 survey, homes with a fiber connection are typically valued 3 percent higher than homes not connected to fiber.

Will you need to dig in my yard?

Yes. In order to overbuild the current infrastructure with Fiber-to-the-Home technology, construction will be required. Our team of Engineers will design a plan that is the least disruptive to you and your community. We’ll also restore all areas to their prior condition throughout the construction process. That means repairing invisible dog fences, irrigation systems and any other impacted items affected by the construction process, utilizing licensed contractors.

What will you install in my home if I am interested in upgrading to fiber services?

We’ll provide you with a new router/modem designed for the faster Internet speeds. Our service technicians will identify the best options for placement in your home to optimize your wireless coverage. For Digital Television services, we’ll install Set-top Boxes for each TV.

How long will construction take?

Depending on the size of the plantation, complexity of the plan and our commitment to be as minimally disruptive to you and the community as possible, construction time frames vary by community. Your community’s Lowcountry Broadband page contains specifics about the construction plan for your community.

The construction workers in the area are marking off the area with small flags and ground paint. What are these for?

We want to make sure that we’re doing as much as possible to avoid hitting any underground utilities such as water lines, sewage and cable lines. The small flags and environmentally safe paint assists us in determining areas where we cannot dig. This helps to ensure that we’re able to upgrade the infrastructure in the community with as little damage and inconvenience as possible.

An Inside Look at the Construction Process