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Problems with your wiring? Hargray has you covered.

Old or faulty wiring can wreak havoc on your Home Phone, Digital Television and High Speed Internet experience. Problems with your wiring impact everything from the quality of your phone calls to the clarity of your television picture and the speed of your Internet connection.

Hargray’s Connected Home Plan can provide you with the protection you need in the event you experience problems with your in-home communications connections. You’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing your home wiring is protected should you experience a problem.

Hargray Connected Home Plan Coverage: $5.99 per month

From broken telephone jacks to deteriorated wiring, Hargray Connected Home Plan has you covered. For just $5.99 per month, Hargray Connected Home Plan covers the repair and replacement of any inside communications wiring deemed defective due to ordinary wear and tear. And except in cases of gross negligence, service charges for the on-site repair work are also covered.


  • In-wall wiring
  • Jacks
  • Fittings
  • Splitters
  • Cables connected to any Hargray-provided device


  • Deterioration
  • Simple negligence
  • Equipment relocation*
  • Acts of God, including water, wind, lightning, earthquake or fire
  • Pest or rodent damage
  • Accidental damage, including damage by third parties

*Jack activations and installations are not covered under the Connected Home Plan. A $14.99 jack activation fee will be assessed if all included jack activations have been used. See Page 4 for additional information.

Preferred Subscriber Rate for Non-Covered Services: $35 per visit

Even if the repair work we perform is not covered by your Connected Home Plan, you’ll still save money by being a subscriber. Connected Home Plan subscribers receive repairs or other technician visits that are not covered by the plan (e.g., visits related to customer education or instances where customer-owned equipment, gross negligence or customer wiring is the cause of the trouble) at a reduced rate of $35 per site visit—a savings of $30 compared to our non-subscriber rate. Plus, that covers the cost of everything for your visit, meaning you will not be charged based on the length of time needed for the repairs or for materials needed.**


  • Problems with customer-owned equipment
  • Integrated wiring
  • In-home product education
  • TV input changes
  • Defects due to gross negligence***
  • Intentional damage or recurring damage related to the same issue***
  • Remote control battery changes
  • Remote control replacement (You also have the option to replace your remote control via mail or pick one up at a Hargray retail store.)

**Some restrictions apply. In cases of total home rewiring or repair work requiring time and materials far outside the scope of normal business, additional fees may be assessed.

***Subject to supervisor discretion. Outside wiring to a detached structure on the same premises is not covered. $35 fee is a flat rate and will not be charged on a time or materials basis.

Non-Subscriber Rate: $65 per visit

Customers who do not subscribe to Hargray’s Connected Home Plan will be assessed a $65 service charge for any repairs performed due to deterioration of inside wiring or any of the in-home conditions not covered by Hargray’s Connected Home Plan.

Hargray-Induced Repairs

Regardless of whether you subscribe to Connected Home Plan, you will not be assessed a fee for repairs conducted due to a Hargray-induced problem.

Hargray-Induced Problems Include:

  • Repair work outside the demarcation point
  • Repair or replacement of defective Hargray-provided equipment
  • Any other problems originating with Hargray

$65 fee is a flat rate and will not be charged on a time or materials basis.

Equipment Relocation

Jack activations and jack installations are not covered under the Connected Home Plan. However, if you subscribe to the Connected Home Plan and cause an issue while moving your equipment, a technician will come out to move your equipment at no charge. If a technician is already on site for a repair and you request that equipment be moved, you will also not be charged (with the possible exception of a $14.99 jack activation fee if you have already used all of your included jack activations).

If you do not subscribe to the Connected Home Plan, you will be charged the standard $65 service fee for any equipment relocations or repair work, unless the repair work was Hargray induced. In addition, you will also be required to pay the standard $14.99 jack activation fee if you have used all of your included jack activations.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for the Hargray Connected Home Plan, your in-home wiring must meet Hargray’s eligibility standards. Our service technicians will assess the eligibility of your wiring one of two ways:

  • During a service installation
  • On the first visit following the addition of our Connected Home Plan

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