April 29th, 2021
Mother's Day is coming up, so mark your calendars and remember to schedule lunch or call your mom! We all know moms are superhumans who deserve more than one day a year dedicated to them, but this holiday is a special day to honor the moms in your life. Whether you are spending the holiday with your family or not, there are ways to celebrate moms even if just in spirit. Here are five movies that capture various tales of motherhood:
November 13th, 2020
The holidays are a cherished time where we gather with our loved ones and carry on all sorts of traditions. Some families eat the same meal every year or bake a particular pie, while others play a certain game or watch their favorite holiday movie. No matter how small a tradition is, it is fun to look forward to repeating an activity year after year to celebrate the holidays. Here are just a few common traditions that we have technology to thank for