Channel Line-Up

Keep Your Customers Entertained with Hargray Business Video

Nothing beats the excitement of watching a game live or having the ability to tap into the latest news and information 24 hours a day. Whether you are enhancing your break room’s functionality with Video Service from Hargray or entertaining customers in your lobby, the channel line-up below highlights the channels available to your business.

Basic and Premium Service for Business
Please note that your business may have a special channel line-up that deviates from the list below. Please consult your dedicated business representative for more information if you have questions about your Video line-up.

Hargray Business Channel Line Up 9.1.16

Hargray Business Channel Line Up – Hinesville, Statesboro, Richmond Hill 9.12.16

Hargray Business Channel Line Up – Lake Oconee 3212017

Hargray Business Channel Line Up – Reidsville 9.12.16

*All HD channels require an HD television and HD Set Top Box. Packages, services, channel locations, number of channels, content, or format are subject to change.