Connectivity and high-quality TV service is important, and our commitment to bringing you reliable, high-quality services through the most up-to-date technology available requires constant investment. 

TV Service Updates

The fees that networks and broadcasters charge us to carry their programming continues to rise.  Traditionally we have passed those increases on to our customers.  However, this year we are only passing a small portion of those additional costs to our customers.  As a result, we will be updating some prices effective with your January bill:

  • TV Basics:  $20
  • Digital Lite TV Package:  $85 (includes Basic for $13.99 and Digital Lite for $71.01)
  • Premier TV Package:  $100 (includes Basic for $13.99 and Premier for $86.01) 
  • Broadcast TV Surcharge:  $18.66

Internet Service Updates

In the past nine months, Internet traffic has increased up to 50% in some areas as customers have been working remotely more frequently, attending school virtually, and streaming more video.   We have made significant investments in our network to make sure our customers have the fastest and highest quality Internet in town.  As a result of those investments, we will be making some minor price updates effective with January bill:

  • Monthly service fee for all Internet speeds will increase by $3
  • Internet Equipment fee will increase by $2 (from $8 to $10)

Other Updates

Some TV and Internet promotions, including the Hargray Rewards program are expiring as of December 31, 2020.  Please see your bill for details.