Telephone Feature Education

What is home telephone battery backup?

Battery backup maintains working telephone service in case of a power outage. Working telephone service will allow you to call 911, connect home alarms, and sustain medical alert services for up to a maximum of 24 hours without electrical power. For more information about battery backup, please visit our Battery Backup FAQ page.

How do I use Speed Calling from my home phone?

Speed Calling: You can call frequently used numbers by dialing only 1 or 2 digits. Available in either 8- or 30-number capacities.

Speed Calling 8: Select a 1-digit code (2 through 9). Dial *74, listen for dial tone.

Speed Calling 30: Select a 2-digit code (20 through 49). Dial *75, listen for dial tone.

Bluffton customers in the 757 and 837 exchanges, dial 74# for Speed Calling 8 or 75# for Speed Calling 30.

  • Dial the code you selected and enter telephone number it will represent (example: 2 + 1-800-555-1212).
  • Two beeps will confirm the entry.
  • To call numbers selected for Speed Calling, simply dial the 1- or 2-digit code (if you have touch-tone, add # symbol when you dial the code).
How do I use 3-Way Calling from a residential phone?

3-Way Calling lets you add a third party to your existing conversation. Press and release “switch hook” and put the first caller on hold. You will hear three beeps and then a dial tone. Dial the third person’s number. You can talk before adding the original caller. To initiate 3-Way Calling, press and release “switch hook.” All three parties will be on the line.

How do I use Caller Identification on a residential phone?

When you receive a call, wait until your phone completes the first ringing cycle. The phone number of the person calling you will automatically appear on your display screen between the first and second ringing cycles. With Caller ID Name, a name will appear with the number. If you choose to answer the call, the number will remain on the screen until you or the caller hangs up.

How do I use Call Forwarding on my home phone?

Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls to any phone you can dial directly. To activate, dial *72. From a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1172. Listen for the tones followed by a dial tone. Dial the number where you would like your calls forwarded. When the party answers, Call Forwarding is in effect. If the line is busy or no one answers, hang up and repeat the previous steps. On the second attempt, no answer is required. To cancel Call Forwarding, dial *73 and listen for two beeps and a dial tone. From a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1173 and wait 4 seconds. Listen for the confirmation message.

Does Hargray offer unlimited nationwide calling on residential phones?

Yes, we offer Unlimited Nationwide Calling to anywhere in the domestic United States.

How do I temporarily cancel Call Waiting while a call is in progress?

Press and release “switch hook” and put the first caller on hold. Listen for the dial tone. Press *70. Release “switch hook” and return to call.

How do I place an international call?

To dial station-to-station international calls, dial in sequence:

  • The International Access Code: 011
  • The Country Code: a 2- or 3-digit number
  • The City Routing Code: a 1- to- 5-digit number
  • The local phone number: a 6- to- 9-digit number

To dial person-to-person, credit card, and billed to third-party number international calls, follow the instructions given for direct international calling, but use “01” for the International Access Code. Dial “00” for an international operator, who can assist you in obtaining a phone number or City Routing Codes and help in completing the call, etc.

What is Call Waiting and how does it work?

Call Waiting lets you know someone is calling when you are using the phone.

While you are on the phone, you will be alerted by a beep. To answer the second call, release the “switch hook” quickly. The first call will be put on “hold” and you will be connected to the second call. Cancel Call Waiting lets you temporarily cancel Call Waiting to place an uninterrupted call. Listen to the dial tone, then dial *70. Listen for the second dial tone, then dial the number you wish to reach.

What is 411 and how much does it cost?

Hargray’s 411 service (directory assistance) fee is $1.25 per call. Call Completion is an additional 30 cents per call. Many Hargray CONNECTIONS Bundles include three free local 411 calls per month. Please check with Customer Service to see if your plan includes this service.

Hargray’s bundled wireless customers may add unlimited 411 service (directory assistance) for a minimal monthly fee if your plan does not already include this service. If you are a Cricket customer, please click here for information on Cricket’s 411 service.

How do I use Repeat Dialing?

Repeat Dialing keeps redialing busy numbers and tells you when the line is free.

To use Repeat Dialing, press *66. On a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1166. If the line is busy, listen for a confirmation message and then hang up. Repeat dialing will check the number for up to 30 minutes. A special callback ring will alert you if the line becomes free. (The callback ring is a series of 4 rings.) Pick up the handset to automatically place the call. You will hear the phone you are calling begin to ring. To cancel Repeat Dialing, press *86. On a rotary or pulse phone, dial 1186. Listen for the confirmation tone. Hang up.

Why is there a beeping noise on my phone line?

This indicates that you have a voicemail message. You can still dial if you hear this indicator.

How do I set up my voicemail announcement?

  • Dial voicemail access number from home (*98).
  • Voice instructions will prompt you through the initial setup of your mailbox and the greeting your callers will hear. You will enter a pass code, which you will need every time you want to access your mailbox. Remember this pass code!
  • Your announcement recording may run up to 2 minutes in length.

To change the recorded announcement:

  • Enter your 7-digit phone number.
  • Press * and your personal pass code.
  • Press (or U) for User Options and follow the voice instructions.
What Voicemail options does Hargray offer?

Hargray’s Voicemail system takes messages for you when you are unavailable to take the call — you are already on the phone, away from home, or just unable to get to the phone.

This is an advanced system that includes remote message retrieval and mailbox messages that can be used for an announcement. Message capacity and retention depend on the plan selected (Standard or Premier), as do extra features, such as the ability to set a wake-up service and paging. All plans include the *98 feature to retrieve messages.

Standard Voicemail with Enhanced Features:

  • Receive notification of voice messages via text messages to your mobile phone.
  • Read voice messages as email attachments.
  • Retrieve and manage voice messages online.

Premier Voicemail with Advanced Messaging:

  • Receive a fax when you receive a Voicemail message.
  • Retrieve and manage voice messages online.
  • Forward faxes sent to your phone to a number/machine where you can view/print them, or to an email address.
  • Create up to four additional mailboxes for the same phone number.
  • Record messages and set them up for future delivery to any number, including yours (reminders), up to 180 days in advance.
  • Forward your phone to other lines depending on where you are (Find Me Follow Me).
  • Customize your recorded greeting for different callers.
How do I use Selective Call Forwarding?

Selective Call Forwarding routes important callers to alternative phone numbers.

  • To initialize, press *63. Listen to the announcement telling you whether the feature is currently on or off.
  • The recorded voice then will tell you how many (if any) numbers are currently stored on your list.
  • Follow the voice instructions and dial 3 to turn the feature on or off.
  • The first time you turn on the service, you will be asked to enter the number to which you would like your special calls forwarded. From then on, the system will simply remind you of the current “forward-to” number.
  • If the current number is correct, dial 1. If you wish to change the current “forward to” number, dial 0, and then follow voice instructions.

To change your Selective Call Forwarding list:

  • To add a number to your Selective Call Forwarding list, press #. Follow the voice instructions: Press 01# to add the last caller to your list. You can store up to 12 numbers on your forward list.
  • To remove a number from your Selective Call Forwarding list, press *. Follow the voice instructions; press 07 after hearing a number to remove it from the list. Dial 0.

To hear the phone numbers on your Selective Call Forwarding list, press 1. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow.

How do I use Call Forwarding Remote Access?

Call Forwarding Remote Access lets you enable, disable, or redirect Call Forwarding from any touch-tone phone.

Initialize Call Forwarding Remote Access
From the line that has Call Forwarding:

  • Dial *54#. Listen to the voice prompt asking for the feature access code.
  • Enter *54#. Listen to the prompt confirming Call Forwarding Remote Access.
  • The system will ask for your Personal Identification Number(PIN).
  • Enter your initial PIN, followed by #.
  • The initial PIN is 2372. If you want to keep 2372 as your PIN, change the PIN to another number, then repeat the procedure to change it back.
  • Listen to the voice prompt and enter a new PIN (2 to 10 digits) followed by #.
  • After the prompt, re-enter the PIN followed by # to confirm.
  • If the re-entry does not match the first entry of the new PIN, you will be prompted to try again.
  • After the PIN is accepted, you will hear a message confirming that the PIN has been updated.

Call Forwarding Remote Access from any touch-tone phone:
Call the access number in your area.
Hilton Head: 1.843.341.2372
Bluffton: 1.843.837.2372
Hardeeville: 1.843.784.2372

Access numbers can be reached from anywhere. Any toll charges for calls made from outside Hargray’s service area will be billed to the calling number.

  • Listen to the voice prompt, then enter the 7-digit phone number to be forwarded, followed by your PIN and #.
  • Listen to the voice prompt, then enter *72# to activate Call Forwarding.
  • Listen to the voice prompt, then enter the number where you want your calls forwarded followed by #. If the number is a toll call, your line will be billed for any charges resulting from forwarded calls.
  • Listen to the voice prompt that repeats the forward to number, then press 1 to confirm the forwarding.
  • To re-enter the forward to number, press 2.
  • If you hang up without pressing 1, the forwarding will not take effect.
How do I use Selective Call Rejection?

Selective Call Rejection blocks unwanted calls from disturbing you. To activate, press *60.

Listen to the announcement regarding whether the feature is currently on or off. The recorded voice will then tell you how many (if any) numbers are currently stored on your rejection list. Follow the voice instructions. Dial to turn the feature on (if it is currently off) or off (if it is currently on). To change your Selective Call Rejection list:

  • To add a number to your Selective Call Rejection list, press #.
  • Follow the voice instructions. You can store up to 12 phone numbers on your list.
  • To remove a number from your Selective Call Rejection list, press *.
  • Follow the voice instructions to remove any or all numbers from your list.
  • To hear the phone numbers on your Selective Call Rejection list, press 1. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow.
Does Hargray provide Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)?

Yes. Anonymous Call Rejection allows a customer to reject calls from callers who have blocked the display of their phone numbers. Anonymous Call Rejection discourages anonymous calls, since callers must allow their numbers to be displayed in order to reach you.

To activate Anonymous Call Rejection
After the feature is assigned to a line, the user must activate (turn on) the feature: Press *96 to activate. ACR will remain on until you turn it off.

To turn off Anonymous Call Rejection
Press *97.
When ACR is off, all calls will reach you.

Other important points

  • ACR works only when the caller ID information is blocked intentionally.
  • If the caller ID information is not delivered due to a network design or network failure, the call will be delivered to the called party.
  • The only option for a customer who has blocked his identity to complete the call is to hang up, unblock caller ID information and place the call again.
  • 800 numbers are considered valid as long as you do not block the delivery of the 800 number.