Residential Billing

How long does it take to get residential service installed?

Our goal is to have service installed within three to five business days of your request.

Why is my computer causing toll calls on my phone line?

To receive a charge on your phone bill caused by your computer, either you or someone using your phone service has accessed “Premium Content” on the Internet using what is known as an Internet dialer.

An Internet dialer allows a consumer to access premium content on the Internet and pay for such access via a phone number (possibly a 900 number) charged to your telephone bill. The dialer cannot be downloaded and run on your computer unless a “Yes” or “OK” button is pressed on a Web page that is trying to install the dialer.

Some people regard this as a convenient, discreet and, compared to credit card usage, a safe mode of paying for access to content of this nature. If you are using a dialer access number with (1 + area code), a toll fee maybe applied to your telephone line depending on your long distance plan.

To protect yourself from unknown Internet dialer use, we suggest you pay careful attention to agreements on a Web page or whenever a program prompts you to press a “Yes” or “OK” button. Adding Unlimited Long Distance or the installation of a toll restriction on your phone line will also stop the problem. To add either of these services, contact us via email.

Is there a fee to combine my residential services on one bill?

No, a combined bill is available to you at no charge. You can now enjoy the convenience and simplicity of having all your Hargray residential services on one bill. If you currently receive more than one bill for Hargray services, all you need to do is contact us to combine your accounts.

Will I be charged for early termination if I am deployed by the military?

Any contract early-termination fees will be waived upon military deployment or transfer. The customer must show proof  (e.g., copy of orders). When a  service person is  discharged from the military — voluntarily or involuntarily — the termination fees will apply. Military service personnel will not be charged the reconnect fee upon return to reinstall their services.