Protect Your Business and Improve Your Productivity

Hargray Smart Internet Suite Keeps
Your Network Up and Running

Network Peace of Mind
  • Advanced Firewall and Malware Protection
  • Network Redundancy
  • Improve Productivity by Prioritizing Critical Applications
  • Enterprise Grade Service at a Small Business Price

Smart Internet For Your Business

The Hargray Smart Internet suite keeps your business network up and running and your confidential information uncompromised.

Get real-time network intrusion protection, monitor and block employee visitation to potentially malicious websites, eliminate downtime with network redundancy and manage everything with an easy to use business-class customer portal.

With no upfront costs or capital outlay for hardware or software, you get professional managed network services sensibly packaged with your Hargray fiber-delivered Business Internet.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet use management
  • Internet Redundancy
  • Visibility to Improve Productivity

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Is Smart Internet
Right For YOUR Business?

  • Is it important to protect your business and customer data?
  • What is the cost of an outage – does no Internet mean lost revenue?
  • Are you concerned about how your employees are using the Internet?
  • Do you need to connect multiple locations or employees to the same network?
  • Is keeping up with malware and antivirus on your business computers time consuming and expensive?
  • Has your business or an associate’s been hacked or compromised?

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Smart Internet Suite

Managed Security  Protect  your network and sensitive data from malicious attacks with next-generation firewall with VPN and intrusion detection/prevention. Block traffic from selected countries and continuously filter files entering your network.

Managed Router  Prioritize important data to maximize productivity, connect business locations into a single seamless network so you can securely share data with remote workers and filter content to ensure employee time is used efficiently.

Network Redundancy No downtime means greater productivity. Reduce the risk of losing Internet connectivity by using a redundant connection. With automatic failover Internet over a cellular data connection, you can keep your business running during intermittent outages.

Secure User Portal  Keep an eye on your network, with access to a user-friendly portal so you can manage performance and monitor activity, review active time and bandwidth used by specific applications or employees.

Combine with Hargray's endpoint protection client (optional, at additional cost), and your business can have best in class network security!