Enabling Hargray Voice Commands on Your Alexa-Enabled Device

To get started, you will need:

  • Hargray Stellar TV & Wi-Fi service 
  • Your Hargray online account user name and password ready
  • Your Amazon account
  • Amazon Alexa App 
  • Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, or Echo Show

Follow these 4 steps for easy set up below. 

  1. Install Primary Echo Device. You need to get your Echo or Echo Dot device ready for use, including installation of the Alexa App
    • If you already have an Echo / Echo device in use in your home, move on to the next step
    • If you have not yet setup your Echo / Echo device, please take a moment to setup the device by following the directions provided by Amazon with your Echo/Echo Dot
    • You will need your Amazon account ready and Alexa App downloaded
  2. Complete Alexa Voice Training. Training Alexa improves speech recognition to maximize understanding of commands and channel names 
    • To start an Alexa Voice Training session, say, “Alexa, learn my voice,” then follow the prompts to repeat words that Alexa asks you to say
    • Train Alexa on your pronunciation of "Hargray"
    • Speak normally and ensure that you’re in a quiet environment
  3. Position the Echo.  Volume from the TV can overwhelm your voice
    • Position the Echo close to where you typically sit when watching TV so the Echo hears your commands instead of the TV sound
  4. Download the Hargray skill
    • Open your Amazon Alexa App on your mobile device
    • You will have to log-in into your Amazon account, if you have not done so 
    • Search for the Hargray Skill using the term:  Hargray or Hargray TV
    • Download the Hargray Skill
  5. Link the skill to your TV account
    • In the Alexa App, tap the three horizontal lines at the upper left of the screen
    • Select Skills & Games, then Your Skills and the Hargray TV skill
    • Tap "Enable"
    • Tap Settings to link your account. A screen prompts you to sign in.
    • Type your Hargray online account user name and password. These credentials are the same ou use to view your Hargray services online.
    • You are all set! Enjoy using Alexa with your Stellar TV.