Red Condor by EdgeWave Spam Filtering

Hargray is proud to offer our customers Red Condor by EdgeWave spam filtering!

In order to provide our customers with the best email experience possible, Hargray has implemented premium spam and email filtering tools to help resolve the growing spam problem. Hargray email is filtered by Red Condor, an EdgeWave product, for spam and other dangerous viruses, malware, and phishing schemes.

Red Condor by EdgeWave detects and captures 99% of all spam and works to ensure your good messages pass through the system uninterrupted.

To check your quarantined messages, visit the Red Condor by EdgeWave Dashboard.

Check out the materials below to familiarize yourself with this premium spam-filtering interface.

Red Condor by EdgeWave User Guide:

Personal Dashboard User Guide (online guide)

Red Condor by EdgeWave Frequently Asked Questions:

Personal Dashboard FAQ (online guide)

Personal Dashboard FAQ (downloadable PDF)

Personal Dashboard Light FAQ (online guide)

Personal Dashboard Light (downloadable PDF)

Red Condor by EdgeWave Instructional Videos:

Personal Dashboard Video Tutorial (3 min, 5 sec)

Spam Digest (1 min, 8 sec)

Red Condor by EdgeWave Downloads:

Outlook Plugin