Your New Hargray Bill

To ensure your transition to Hargray systems and billing is as simple and hassle-free as possible, we will automatically move you to the Hargray services that most closely resemble your current subscription. We will transition you to similar or, in most cases, better services for the same price that you pay today (excluding taxes, fees, and surcharges).

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Enhancements to High Speed Internet

We are in the process of making significant investments into the network to improve service quality and boost the network’s capabilities. These improvements will allow us to offer Internet speeds up to 300 Mbps beginning in July. Wherever possible, we will provide automatic upgrades to existing Internet speeds; most customers will receive faster connections when services are converted to our network.

Meet Hargray Digital TV

Hargray Digital TV is almost here! With Hargray Digital TV, you will receive up to 25 new channels and 50 Music Choice audio channels2 – including more sports and weather, more news and entertainment, more children’s programming, and more premium content. With this letter, we have included your new channel lineup card so you can familiarize yourself with these additional channels and any other channel changes to your package. This change will take effect when we convert your neighborhood to Hargray service; this is currently planned for the month of July.

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Home Phone Notice

On or around June 17, 2019, Hargray will assume direct responsibility for the provisioning of phone services previously provided to you by USA Communications. You will continue to receive the same calling plan, although there may be some changes to your calling features. If you currently utilize voicemail through your USA Communications’ phone service, we will not be able to retain any unplayed or saved messages, and you will need to set up a new greeting once your service is transferred. More information about Hargray Home Phone can be found at