Monumental Effort Helps Keep Motoring Festival Humming after Hurricane Matthew

Few areas in the Lowcountry were hit as hard by Hurricane Matthew as Port Royal. Damage from high winds and floods pushed residents out of their homes and closed businesses for weeks.

In spite of the disruption, the community rallied together to ensure that the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance (HHIMF) continued as planned. And next week, that’s exactly what will happen.

“It represents a real opportunity to tell and show the world what ‘Hilton Head Strong’ really means,” Hilton Head Island Mayor David Bennett said in a recent press release. “It’s an opportunity to show how our community has come together in so many ways. Our history has been preserved, our present secured and our future is assured, and you can see it all at the Concours.”

It’s the 15-year anniversary of the event, a unique, multi-day Lowcountry motoring experience that entertains and educates the community while supporting youth programs. The festivities start October 28-29 in Savannah before making its way to Hilton Head. On November 4, the Flights & Fancy Aeroport Gala sets the stage for the rest of the weekend at the Hilton Head Island Airport General Aviation. The next day, more than 200 classic cars will make up the Car Club Showcase. The event concludes Sunday with the Concours d’Elegance.

The weekend is a spectacle of some of the most impressive vehicles you’ll ever see. It captures imagination and fuels the American tradition for speed, to go faster and do more. Hargray is one of sponsors for this year’s event, and we’re proud to help draw attention to the region with this incredible event. The event is even more impressive this year after Matthew threatened to cancel it. Local utilities, including Hargray, worked around the clock to identify power problems, clear trees, fallen wires and other debris, and quickly restore the area to the point they could host the event as scheduled.

The effort of our team members and the rest of the Hilton Head community to get life on the island back to normal is part of what makes living and working here in the Lowcountry so special. This is a community where people look out for one another, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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Photo of 1920 Anderson Six Convertible Roadster.  Read Kurt Ernst’s story about this South Carolina motor company on Hemmings Daily.