MCAS Beaufort Air Show Takes Speed to a New Level – We Love Going Fast

Speed is one of the most basic of human attractions. From the 4-minute mile and the 40-yard dash to the sound barrier and warp drive, humans are infatuated with making things go faster than ever before.

On Friday and Saturday, the Marine Corps Air Station will host nearly 100,000 fans of speed at the annual MCAS Beaufort Air Show. The Navy Blue Angels, F-16 Viper and F-35B fighter jet are just a few of the headliners this year, sure to delight with not just their speed, but their precision.

Along with the amazing shows to see each day are the wide range of aircraft on display. Fighter jets and helicopters, bombers and even classic cars create a museum of motors. Relics from World War II share the same space as the most advanced warplanes of today.

It might sound childish, but if we’re being honest, this event is just cool. The show generates so much imagination and awe, as well as respect for the men and women who pilot these impressive machines. The MCAS Beaufort Air Show is one of the signature summer events in an area that has more than a few of them.

Hargray is a proud sponsor of this event, and this year we want to celebrate speed with more speed. Post your photos from the MCAS Beaufort Air Show on our Facebook page using #MCASBeaufort, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free speed upgrade to your Hargray Internet service or a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Got photos from a previous year at the MCAS Beaufort Air Show? We’ll take those, too!

Deadline for entry is Wednesday, May 3, and we’ll choose one winner at random. For more information about the air show, click here.

Photo courtesy Hargray colleague, Bruce Fortelka.