Helpful hints to manage your bill:

Enroll in electronic billing and reduce your bill and paper waste.

Switching to electronic billing is one of the easiest ways to save. Sign up for eco-friendly electronic billing today and save $1 per month while helping to reduce paper waste. To enroll, visit to manage your billing preferences.

Enroll in Hargray Rewards.

If you’re not currently enrolled in our Hargray Rewards program, you’re missing out on monthly savings that won’t disappear like a promotional offer.

H3O — All customers who subscribe to Hargray High Speed Internet, Digital Television and Home Telephone services receive a discount of $10 per month on their High Speed Internet service and are eligible for 3 upgrades, each valued at $10 per month.

Upgrades include:

  • High Speed Internet Upgrade (e.g., pay for 30/5 Mbps, receive 50/5 Mbps)
  • On-Demand 3 Pack (3 On-Demand movie rentals per month)
  • Sports Plus and HD Plus Programming Packages
  • High Definition DVR — Digital Video Recorder*
    *Reward items and/or services cannot be duplicated.
    *Upgrade value of $10 per month; additional fees will apply.

H2O — All customers who subscribe to any 2 Hargray services, including High Speed Internet, Digital Television and/or Home Telephone, receive a discount of $5 per month on their High Speed Internet service and are eligible for 2 of the upgrades listed above.

Boost your Internet speed and start streaming.

If you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, VUDU or any other streaming video service, your viewing habits may support increasing the speed of your Internet connection and reducing your television line-up. To prevent buffering and sluggish connections on your other devices, your Internet speed may need to be increased. Visit our speed calculator to learn more about the right connection for your household. Please note that the speed calculator is designed to estimate your bandwidth use by calculating the bandwidth needed to support the average number of simultaneous activities and devices utilizing your connection at a single point in time. For example, if you commonly use your tablet to check social media sites while streaming shows on Netflix, the calculator will factor in the needs of your tablet and your smart TV as they perform those activities. The more devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, smart appliances, etc. that are connected to the Internet at the same time, the more bandwidth you will require.

Find the fast that fits your life

Subject to availability


  • 4-6 devices online at the same time
  • 8+ devices online at same time
  • Sky's the limit
  • Speeds to stream & download HD content
  • Download HD movies & shows in seconds
  • Upload large files & multiplayer gaming


  • 4-6 devices online at the same time
  • 8+ devices online at same time
  • Sky's the limit


  • Speeds to stream & download HD content
  • Download HD movies & shows in seconds


  • Upload large files & multiplayer gaming

Get the best premium content for less.

Premium content from HBO, Cinemax and Starz! can be costly. Hargray offers premium content from Showtime and EPIX for just $5 per month! Cancel those other expensive subscriptions and opt for Showtime – featuring binge-worthy favorites Homeland, The Affair and Shameless – and a vast library of hit movies from EPIX. You get both subscriptions – that’s 15 premium channels – for a low monthly rate that’s not promotional, so it won’t increase in price after a few months. Better yet, sign up for Premier Television and receive 285+ digital channels, including Showtime and EPIX.

To view our channel line-ups, click here.

Evaluate your set top box needs.

Hargray offers a number of options for digital television receivers. If you have an HD/DVR in several rooms in your home, you may want to consider switching to Multiroom HD/DVR to both save money and increase access to your recordings. If you have a Set Top Box in a room where you may not need access to the interactive channel guide and features such as On-Demand and Pay-Per-View, a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) is a great alternative to more expensive Set Top Boxes.

Enjoy local calling to all 50 states.

Save on your long distance bill and stay connected with Hargray Home Telephone with Nationwide Local. Call anywhere in the 50 states without expensive per minute long distance charges – all with the convenience and security of a home telephone line.

Request an evaluation of your bill and services.

If it’s been more than a year since a Hargray representative has evaluated your bill, it may be time to review your services. Needs change over time, and you may find that you require faster Internet and less television channels than you once did. There may also be other opportunities to save by updating to newer products, changing out your equipment, and removing features you no longer use. Fill out the form on this page, and a Hargray representative will contact you within 24 hours to review your services with you.

Bring your own router.

Although we strongly recommend utilizing a Hargray-provided router to ensure the best Internet experience, you may wish to use a router you purchase from another source. If you are already using your own router to connect your devices to your Hargray High Speed Internet connection, or if you wish to begin using your own router, you can save $4 per month. Call 1.877.HARGRAY to inform us of your choice, and we will update your service and records. Please note that if you opt to use your own router, Hargray cannot provide support for the device, and your Internet experience may be negatively impacted as only Hargray-provided routers are optimized for our network.