Lowcountry Broadband is Coming

We’re partnering with local leaders to bring Gigabit Internet service to our community with Lowcountry Broadband.

That means a crystal-clear and lightning-fast signal to chat, stream, share and stay connected to the people and things that matter most. But that’s not all. Lowcountry Broadband comes with other gig-antic opportunities:

  • Video chat with friends across the world in real time with no buffering
  • Have a super-fast connection that keeps your applications from freezing
  • Connect from anywhere – Lowcountry Broadband is coming to residential communities, local businesses and a variety of public places

So no matter what you love, who you love, or where you love to be, Lowcountry Broadband is helping bring everything a little bit closer to you.

Lowcountry Broadband is coming. Sign up now to stay updated with all the advancements as they happen.