Lowcountry Broadband Q&A

Yesterday, Hargray introduced The Lowcountry Broadband Plan, which will provide Internet speeds 100 times faster than the national average to areas that we serve. Since the announcement, we’ve received a few questions and would like to use this blog to answer them. 

What exactly is The Lowcountry Broadband Plan?
If we could describe it in one word, it would be connectivity. With the support of the community, local officials and businesses, we’ll be able to provide Gigabit Internet service to the Lowcountry. You’ll have access to the speeds necessary for today’s active lifestyle, from setting up a smart home, to watching movies and shows, to supporting activities necessary for working from home. Gigabit Internet service will allow all of this, without any lag time.

How will my digital and online experience change?
Life is filled with moments that come in all shapes and sizes. No matter if you’re playing video games online, video chatting with your brother or working from home, it seems that all of life’s moments have a digital component to them. With The Lowcountry Broadband Plan, you’ll be able to do all of the things you love, all at the same time. This is great news for you Pandora lovers, Netflix bingers and around the clock workers.

Why now? Why does the Lowcountry need this?
Our team prides itself on listening to the feedback of all the key stakeholders that live, work and play in our region. Based on our conversations, this type of Internet service is in high demand in the Lowcountry and to that we say: No better time than the present.

What are local leaders saying about The Lowcountry Broadband Plan?
“We are proud to be a partner in this initiative with Hargray. We have a world-class destination and these investments in our infrastructure will ensure the long-term health and relevance of our community while increasing property values and ensuring Lowcountry businesses have the connectivity they need to compete in a global marketplace.” – Hilton Head Mayor, David Bennett

“We are fully supportive and appreciative of Hargray and its commitment to ensuring that our community has the very best in telecommunications connectivity. Through the Lowcountry Broadband Plan, Hargray will further establish our area as one of the most technologically advanced places to live, work, and play in the Southeast.” – Bluffton Mayor, Lisa Sulka

“The Lowcountry Broadband Plan is a unique plan in our industry and one that would not be nearly as successful without the committed support of our local leaders. We will be making significant investments to make Gigabit Internet service available throughout the Lowcountry, and will prioritize our efforts based on demonstrated demand and support from municipalities, residents, and businesses.  Widely available Gigabit services will continue to solidify our position as an emerging technology market that meets the needs of existing businesses, while attracting new ones.”  – Hargray Chairman & CEO, Michael Gottdenker

What’s in this for Hargray?
Improving the Lowcountry, a place where our team lives, works and plays, is of the upmost importance. If we can help build a better community, we believe we can attract residents, new businesses and more. This type of exposure will continue to shine a bright light on Lowcountry, an area we all love.

What about my current rates?
Existing rates will not be impacted. As services become available, customers will have the option to select the plan that best meets their needs at the current market rates.

Where do I learn more?
There’s plenty of information available about this exciting announcement. To learn more, click here.