Labor Day the Lowcountry Way … with Sandbars

No one wants to admit it, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Summer’s almost over.

Don’t get mad—we’re just as bummed as you are. But that’s why Labor Day is such a great and well-deserved holiday in the Lowcountry. We’re not going to give up summer without a fight—or at least a party.

Labor Day was created to recognize the hard-working American spirit, plugging away at 9-to-5’s, second shifts, overnights and overtime. It’s a day to say, as a country—relax. If you indulge in only one three-day weekend of the year, this should be it!

With an extra 24 hours between you and the grind, there’s a boatload of ways to enjoy it, starting with boating. The sandbars will be in full effect, and Lowcountry locals know what to do. Dock and Rock. These temporary beaches bring on a tidal wave of activity as crowds hang out, grill, play games and soak up the best the sun has left. Eat, Sleep, Play Beaufort has a great guide on how to make the most of the sandbar scene.

For maximum sandbar activity, you want to be there at low tide. Make sure your boat is up to marine safety requirements. The Bluffton police, Department of Natural Resources, and Beaufort County police patrol the waters carefully and regularly.

Whether it’s the May River Sandbar in Bluffton or on the Beaufort River in Beaufort, the sandbars are guaranteed to be overrun the entire weekend. Part of what makes it so popular is that it’s open to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you show up in a yacht or a rowboat, everyone’s welcome.

To top it off, it’s a massive football weekend. College football returns as South Carolina opened Thursday night with a too-close-for-comfort win over Vanderbilt, 13-10. Clemson hits the road Saturday for a primetime (9 p.m.) showdown against Auburn. While the NFL doesn’t start until the following weekend, Labor Day weekend is a prime time for holding fantasy football drafts. Whether you get the gang together for a live draft or if you do it online, the Monday off gives the perfect opportunity to feel good about your team for perhaps the last time.

Yes, we all deserve Labor Day. And we’re pretty lucky to live in the Lowcountry, where folks do it up right!