Take Control of Your Digital Life with Tech Home

Today, we all live in a digital world where we depend on a variety of highly advanced Internet-connected electronic devices to make our lives easier. That’s why Hargray has teamed up with Security Coverage to offer Tech Home device protection and troubleshooting services.

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protect_icon  Tech Home Premium Protect

World-class security: Get fully supported Web security and anti-virus scans that protect your mobile phone and tablet against the latest online threats

Personal data backup: Sync and back up all of your files, photos, contacts and important information against damage or device failure

Keep personal info private: Use our cloud-based protection to keep your personal information secure and accessible wherever you are in the world

 Tech Home Premium Protect includes:

  • Simultaneous coverage for both your computer and your mobile device
  • SecureIT Web security and anti-virus protection
  • Anti-theft protection for your mobile phone or tablet
  • 5GB file backup
  • Firewall protection and unlimited virus removal
  • Anti-phishing and safe surfing
  • Parental controls and Password Keeper

support_icon  Tech Home Premium Technical Support

Unlimited Premium Technical Support: Get reliable setup, support and troubleshooting for all your Internet-connected electronic devices

Home Network Management: Our technicians are available round-the-clock to help you connect, test, fix and enjoy your network

PROTECT More: All the exclusive features from our Protect plan, with additional coverage for up to four computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets

Tech Home Premium Technical Support includes:

  • 24/7 U.S.-based premium technical support
  • Assisted setup and troubleshooting
  • Home network management
  • Recurring technology tune-ups

Enjoy your digital life. Protect your network and get the tech support you need from Hargray!