Hargray Committed to a Free and Open Internet

Hilton Head Island, SC — December 15, 2017 — With the repeal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of net neutrality rules, Hargray Communications is making clear to customers its commitment to uphold free and open access to Internet content. To memorialize the key aspects of that commitment, Hargray is announcing a customer pledge that includes commitments to not change how it operates as a result of the FCC’s recent repeal of net neutrality, to not throttle any content or take money to advantage or disadvantage one Internet content provider over another, to never sell customers’ private data, and to not charge its customers more to access certain content that would otherwise be freely accessible over the Internet.

For nearly 70 years, Hargray has made advanced communications services available to residents and businesses throughout the southeast region, including rural areas, with unparalleled responsiveness. With a mission to envision and deliver customer delight, the company has recently made significant investments to enable Gigabit ‘Gig’ Internet speeds across much of its service territory. These investments have funded world-class communications infrastructure that support consumers’ ever-increasing bandwidth needs and the economic growth that now depends heavily on those services.

Just as important as these investments is Hargray’s commitment to ensure that its customers have the freedom to enjoy those services as they see fit and without Hargray picking and choosing Internet content winners or losers or interfering with customers’ pure and open content experience“By deploying an advanced network capable of delivering Gig speeds to homes and businesses in our service area, Hargray has the capacity to continue providing customers as good an Internet experience as is available anywhere in the world; we want to maximize our customers’ enjoyment of that experience, not seek to control it or profit from constraining free access,” said David Armistead, Sr. Vice President of Hargray Communications. “A free and open Internet governed by customer choice is consistent with our values and is in the best interest of our customers and the local communities we serve. The FCC’s imposition of and then repeal of net neutrality did not and will not change in any way how we have operated or are going to operate our business.  Our focus is serving our end user customers, and we are going to let them freely decide what content they receive.  Getting in the way of that customer decision is simply bad business.”

To back its commitment to a free and open Internet, Hargray today issued a Customer Pledge entitled, “We’re For You – Hargray’s Commitment to a Customers First, Free and Open Internet”:

Customer Pledge:

We’re For You

Hargray’s Commitment to a Customers First, Free and Open Internet

Hargray’s commitment to providing you a free and open Internet experience will NOT change as a result of the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. To memorialize our commitment to you and this principle, we have adopted the following pledge to our customers.

We commit to Internet Freedom for our customers — Hargray will not take money to prioritize Internet content or disadvantage another Internet content provider by throttling your access to their content. If you are a Hargray customer, you will have the freedom to decide what Internet content you want without us interfering with that choice.

We commit to an Open Internet without premium content fees — Hargray will not charge you a premium to access any content that is otherwise freely accessible over the Internet. At Hargray, we believe that you pay us to maintain your connection and YOU AND ONLY YOU should choose what content you want to access with that connection.

We commit to your Internet Privacy – Your personal information, including web site browsing history or usage, IS NOT FOR SALE.

For more information about Hargray’s stance on a Free and Open Internet, visit Hargray.com/netneutrality.

About Hargray 

Founded in 1949, Hargray is a regional telecommunications company providing advanced communications and entertainment services in a growing set of markets in the Southeastern United States.  Hargray delivers the most advanced technology and the best service for its customers and is active in the communities it serves by supporting a wide range of local charities, organizations, projects and events, including the Hargray Caring Coins Foundation which raises money for community organizations by allowing customers to round up their bills.  For more information, please visit hargray.com.