Get Ready for 10-Digit Dialing

10 Things You Should Update Today

Starting Saturday, 9.19.15, all calls will require 10-digits (Area Code + number) for completion.  It’s time to prepare.

This change is due to the SC Area Code Overlay which will add a new area code, 854, to accommodate the increased demand for phone numbers along the SC coast, including Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and the Lowcountry – Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head Island.

While your phone number will not change, there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to get in the habit of dialing 10-digits!  It already works.  For our forward-thinking friends who like to get ahead of the game, we’ve assembled a list of items you may need to update to include the 843 area code to meet the 10-digit dialing requirement. Remember, starting September 19th, local calls must include the area code! 

10-Digit Dialing Checklist

  1. Phone Contact Lists and Speed Dials
  2. Voicemail, Call Forwarding, and other call routing
  3. Life Safety and Medical Monitoring Equipment
  4. Fire and Security Systems
  5. Fax Machines
  6. Security Gates
  7. Websites and Advertising
  8. Personal and Business Checks
  9. Stationary and Labels
  10. Pet Tags

Good for you, getting started right now.  Be a friend and SHARE!   For more information about the SC Area Code Overlay, click here.