Get to Know Hargray’s Diego Mahecha

Diego Mahecha and his wife can never just do something – they have to do it big. That includes buying their first home. Instead of just going through a typically long and challenging process, they decided to do it on a TV show.

Tonight, Diego and his wife, Caroline, will be featured on DIY Network’s new show, Holmes | Buy It Right, with celebrity contractor Mike Holmes. The show airs tonight at 10 p.m. on DIY, channel 217.

“She wanted to do the show, and I agreed because I didn’t think it was gonna happen,” Diego says with a laugh. “We did a Skype interview and they thought she was hilarious. Basically, she’s a smart aleck in a funny way.”

Regardless of how it happened, Diego is glad it did.

“It was a really cool experience. I’m very inexperienced in contracting and stuff like that. The premise of the show is to look at homes from a contractor’s perspective versus a realtor’s perspective. We went through a ton of other homes trying to find the right one, but we nitpicked so much because of what we learned.”

In fact, Diego and Caroline are set to close on their new home today – the day the show airs! He says his phone has been going off like crazy over the past week as commercials for the show have hit friends and family.

All of this is making his busy life even busier, as he is currently taking part in the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program. The curriculum provides broad-based leadership perspectives to familiarize participants with the area’s challenges, opportunities and resources. It also includes a class initiated community project challenging participants to explore current needs and issues first hand.

“It’s really good to meet all the developers in the area, the people who form Hilton head, that’s what attracted me.”

Born in Colombia, South America, and raised in Charlotte, NC

Favorite part about living in the Lowcountry?
It’s a pretty simple life; I like how it’s very family oriented. There aren’t a lot of distractions, everything is based on nature and the environment we live in.

Favorite places to spend time around town?
I’m a big beach person. I like spending with family, going to the beach, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, golfing (not very good), and going to all of the little events around town.

Favorite TV shows?
Modern Family, comedies and things like that; Documentaries, how things are created in history