Secure Payments from Your Checking Account

Your security is important to us, and at Hargray, we follow Nacha (National Automated Clearing House Association) standards in compliance with legislation to reduce fraud and protect your privacy. Nacha has implemented changes which requires merchants to take additional steps to verify your account prior to accepting ACH payments. To implement these changes, Hargray now uses Dwolla, a Nacha-preferred partner for securely processing ACH payments.

Secure Payments Made Simple

To protect your privacy and make it easy to pay your Hargray bill directly from your checking account, you will need to complete the Nacha verification process to:

  • Safely and conveniently verify your account information for future use
  • Store your data using world-class encryption technology for your protection
  • Control your payment options using account management tools that allow you to store up to six payment sources

Two Ways to Verify Your Account

  1. Instant verification through your bank
    • Select your bank from the menu to be connected directly to your bank
    • Securely login to your bank to verify your account
  2. Micro-deposit verification which may take up to 3 business days
    • We will email you after two small deposits are made
    • Verify these deposit amounts to confirm your account
      • Check your bank account for the 2 deposit amounts
      • Log back into my Hargray to verify the amounts

Verification is required the first time a payment is made, and your payment source will be stored on your account for future on demand payments. You can always add and remove payment sources at your convenience.

For questions regarding this process, please email [email protected].

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