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Copper Conversion FAQs

Why fiber-optics? Fiber-optic facilities provide bandwidth to meet today’s digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow. The quality, performance and reliability that fiber-optics delivers for voice and other services are far superior to copper.

I don’t want fiber-optics. What are my alternatives? After we retire the copper facilities in your area, we will only provide service over fiber-optics. In order to continue receiving Hargray services, you will have to migrate to our fiber facilities.

How can I schedule an appointment? Hargray will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. You may also call us at 800.375.6207 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Is the installation process complicated? What equipment is needed in order for me to upgrade to the fiber-optic facilities? Our goal is to make this as easy as possible. Hargray will provide and install all the required equipment, and use the existing wiring in your home to connect your phones. Our technician will answer any questions you may have and ensure everything is working properly before he or she leaves.

Will my service or rates change as a result of the fiber upgrade? Your existing services will not change, aside from the added benefit of being delivered over our superior quality fiber-optic facilities.

What are the most significant difference between copper-based telephone service and fiber-based telephone service? When your voice service is moved from copper to fiber-optics, it will no longer receive power from the central office which means it will no longer function during a commercial power outage unless you choose to install a battery back-up. Hargray offers a back-up battery solution for $25 that provides up to 8 hours of standby service. (Cordless phones, alarm equipment, or other devices that require electricity to operate WILL NOT be powered by the backup battery device).

What are the steps needed to migrate to fiber?

To continue to provide your services, Hargray will have to migrate them to the new fiber-optic facilities. This requires a three-step process to migrate your services:

Locating and marking underground facilities at your home (e.g., water, sewer, power and communications services lines)

Laying an individual fiber cable by hand to the side of the home (connection is done in the utility area or service yard).

Installing new equipment in your home (requires a technician visit)

What happens if I do not schedule an appointment?  Your Hargray services will be suspended on or after 45 days from the date of your notification letter, if you do not allow Hargray reasonable access to your premises to install, maintain, or replace equipment and facilities that will enable us to move your service to our fiber-optic facilities. Once your service is suspended, you will only be able to call 9-1-1 and our customer service number which is 1.800-375-6207 . Approximately 14 days after being suspended, Hargray service at your address will be disconnected unless you allow us to move your services to the new fiber facilities.


If you have complaints or concerns that we are unable to address, you may contact the FCC or the Public Service Commission of South Carolina:

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street SW

Washington, DC 20554

Phone (888) 225-5322


Public Service Commission of South Carolina

101 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100

Columbia, SC 29210

Phone: (803) 896-5100

Please reference the applicable Copper Retirement Docket Number for your area in your inquiry.

Sun City WC Docket No. 17-189
Hilton Head Plantation WC Docket No. 17-190
Palmetto Dunes WC Docket No. 17-190
Sea Pines WC Docket No. 17-190