Community Working Together Helps Communication During Hurricane Season

From each individual home and business to the entire Lowcountry, communication during hurricane season is critical. Knowing where the storm is, when it’s going to hit, how to act, where to go, and where to get the latest updates can make all the difference.

Last year, Hurricane Matthew tore through Hilton Head, the Lowcountry, and the Southeast United States to the tune of $10 billion—with a ‘B’—worth of damage. While hurricanes have always been a part of life in this area, the toll still hurts.

No one can truly predict when the next Hurricane Matthew will come, so being prepared is paramount. One facet of that plan is communication, and it starts in the home. Landline Telephones provide an invaluable service, especially in an emergency. Also, invest in backup batteries for your smartphones. Power can be taken out quickly, so extra batteries are a must for your connected devices.

Since Hurricane Matthew, state and county officials have discussed ways to improve communication with the community. That means using outlets like Facebook and Twitter to keep people informed about power outages, floods, evacuations, and about when it’s safe to return home. It’s important to know and follow these accounts so you can make the best decisions for your home or business. The following resources provide helpful information, links and tips:

National Weather Service

2017 South Carolina Hurricane Guide

Connect with Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Social Media, Text Alerts, and Mobile App

Town of Hilton Head Island

Hargray sponsors weather updates on WTOC, helping get the word out about bad weather before it hits, and we do the same for APEX Broadcasting stations SC 103 and 104.9 The Surf to help keep radio listeners informed about what’s going on.

As a provider of communications technology, we also share updates on our website and social media channels. We do it to amplify the message echoed by other community leaders and communications partners, giving people as many ways as possible to stay informed.

Last year, members of the Hargray team weathered the storm and stayed on Hilton Head Island so we could respond as quickly as possible to get the network back up. We saw firsthand how working together—from power companies to first responders—the Lowcountry can be stronger than the storm.