High Speed Internet

Fast and reliable, with plans built for your business.

Choose the Internet service that’s right for your business

As you consider business Internet, you’ll want to think through which type of service is right for your unique business needs.

Asymmetrical High Speed Internet

Hargray’s Asymmetrical High-Speed Internet is a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses that often need faster download than upload speeds.

  • Download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Wi-Fi included
  • Static IP available
  • Technical support

Symmetrical High Speed Internet

Businesses that also require super fast upload speeds will prefer Symmetrical High-Speed Internet service to support their business needs. This dedicated connection enables equally fast speeds in both directions, perfect for businesses with many connected devices and requiring fast data upload speed for large files, video conferencing, cloud-based applications or multiple VPN users connecting to your business.

  • Up to 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds available
  • Greater capacity for sending enormous files
  • Higher quality connection

Which Is Best for Your Business?

Symmetrical connections are always best. But they may be more than your business needs today. If you have remote workers on a VPN or use cloud-based applications critical to your business success, the symmetrical connection will be your best bet.

An asymmetrical connection may be more suitable for you today if you are trying to control costs and your business needs fast download speed but doesn’t upload a lot of files, use video conferencing or need to be constantly connected to business-critical applications.


Smart Internet

Smart Internet Suite

Complete your Business Internet service with Smart Internet Suite from Hargray.

  • Advanced Firewall and Malware Protection
  • Network Redundancy
  • Improve Productivity by Prioritizing Critical Applications
  • Enterprise Grade Service at a Small Business Price

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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Your business's guests, customers, and employees want to stay connected wherever they are. With Managed Wi-Fi Solutions from Hargray, they’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve got them covered. Give them secure Wi-Fi Internet access and maintain a secure environment for the rest of your business. With a turnkey solution from Hargray, whether it’s a small or large venue with indoor and/or outdoor installations, it’s easy to deliver a reliable Wi-Fi experience. Whether you need one or hundreds of access points, we can engineer the optimal solution that works for you and your customers.