Metro Ethernet

Today, your network is the lifeline of your business. Every time it goes down or causes you problems, you’re losing money. Hargray Metro Ethernet provides the speed, cost efficiencies and flexibility to handle all your business’ advanced communication needs.

A cost-effective solution for your business

  • Share phone, video conferencing, data, storage, backups and Internet access on Ethernet connections—no need for multiple networks!
  • Connect remote workers easily and quickly
  • Save time on data transfers, sharing, backups and recovery with Ethernet’s fast speeds
  • Utilize a single point of administration for everything involved

Flexible Service Scalability: The flexibility of Ethernet enables service scalability at a variety of speeds tailored to fit your network requirements.

Economical Scalability: Ethernet service provides far more economical service and scalability than traditional data services. Your enterprises’ overall costs may be reduced with the elimination of equipment and maintenance costs, and with a simplified network design.

Lower Support Costs: Ethernet service reduces enterprise engineering and operational support costs by eliminating much of the operational complexity associated with traditional metro Ethernet services, because Ethernet utilizes the same protocol as familiar LAN Ethernet deployments.

Hargray Metro Ethernet Options: Metro Ethernet point-to-point or point-to-multi-point services are available.

Technical Support: We have dedicated customer service professionals ready to support your communications and data requirements.

Trouble Resolution: Hargray is a facilities-based provider, and we have made significant investments and commitments to ensure you receive more reliability from your voice, data and IP service provider.

Contact your Hargray representatives to discuss your customized Metro Ethernet solutions today.