Data Storage, Backup & Continuity Services

In today’s information-driven economy, data storage and backup failures can wreak havoc on your business. Hargray Data Center & Managed Services solutions are built around EMC2 products and are designed to provide secure storage, continuity and efficient backups. Because you demand absolute assurance, and so do we.

Count on your data being there when you need it.


EMC2 Data Domain enterprise-level de-duplication storage systems integrate easily with all leading backup and archiving applications. They also create greater network efficiency with high-speed inline de-duplication and compressed data transport, freeing up valuable bandwidth and reducing backup windows.


  • With inline de-duplication storing only unique data on disk, online disk storage is a viable, cost-effective and high-performance alternative to tape storage
  • Data can be bandwidth-effectively replicated over existing networks to remote sites for DR and consolidated tape operations
  • Provides flexible configurations for backup optimization, with replication options, including full system mirroring, and selective, bi-directional, one-to-many, many-to-one and cascaded topologies
  • Disk storage reduction ratios of 10-30x and more are attainable, with overall capacities of up to 28.5 Pb of logical data storage
  • With encrypted replication from its online storage at up to 270 remote sites, it offers superb enterprise-level DR assurance, enhanced by continuous verification, fault detection and healing, with Dual Disk Parity at RAID6 level


  • Supports leading enterprise applications, such as Oracle®, Microsoft® Exchange, VMware® and others
  • Can be used seamlessly with a variety of data movers and application workloads
  • Uses a footprint typically 10-20 times smaller than the original dataset
  • A single Data Domain system can protect a logical 28.5 Pb of logical capacity
  • System throughput is CPU-centric, not “spindle-bound,” with continuous recovery verification, fault detection and healing
  • Easily integrated with leading backup and archive applications, it supports VTL, NAs, NDMP and EMC Data Domain Boost


EMC2 VNX has redefined data storage. Conceived as an optimal solution for the SME business segment, its intuitive design seamlessly integrates application and storage, and sets new standards in ease of use, efficiency of operation and storage consolidation.


  • Compact storage with a high-availability, dual-controller design unified IP architecture
  • Simple capacity management and growth with pooled high-performance SSD and SAS drives, scalable to 120 disks and 240 terabytes
  • Advanced storage capacity with thin provisioning capability, file-level de-duplication and compression
  • Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) technology to arrange the most-used data on the fastest drive


With a wide range of unit options, the VNXe series is designed for organizations undergoing rapid data growth. It delivers unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI, as well as simplified operations and reduced management overhead, with wizards to reduce the user learning curve for application-centric management and provision.


  • Compact in size, the dual controller delivers sector-leading capability in only 2U or 3U of rack space
  • Raw capacity is organized into pools of high-performance SSD and SAS drives (6 GB/s), with easy provisioning allowing pool expansion using additional disk packs
  • With a range of 6-120 disk drives, the VNXe series provides up to 240 Tb of capacity
  • Seamless integration with VMware and Hyper-V virtualization allows application-driven storage to work intuitively and expand easily and quickly, reinforced by an advanced support ecosystem


Hargray Business Continuity Solutions integrate EMC2 ’s unique storage and DR platforms with a services cloud to deliver sector-leading levels of business risk reduction and management. Hargray is an accredited EMC2 value-added reseller, and our solutions ensure that, whether an outage is planned or unplanned, your operations remain under control.


  • Tiered storage platforms and the best of software and services all ensure high availability and solid data protection
  • With improved uptime and availability, your business is protected against disaster, system failure and data corruption—whenever a regulator calls, your data is available
  • A unique business continuity solution tailored for you and designed to match your business data risk against your budget


  • Data classification by business value offers solution tailoring to match business risk to budget
  • Ensure compliance with information protection standards by regulators and other stakeholders
  • Enterprise and SME solutions are tailored from a wide range of hardware, technology and application-specific options, to create the optimal budget/risk balance

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