Internet Service for Business

Time is money, and if your business is wasting time with a poor Internet connection, you’re wasting money. Hargray’s High Speed Internet for business allows you to choose the speed you need to access information, do better business and stay productive. With premier technical support and trouble resolution, you’ll have dedicated customer service professionals ready to support your communication and data needs. And with a broad range of service levels and speeds of up to 1 Gbps, you’ll find freedom and flexibility you’ll never outgrow.

Choose the Internet service and speed level that’s right for your business:

  • Email antivirus/anti-spam software
  • Caller ID on your PC
  • Business Wiring Protection Plan
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  • Electronic invoice sent to your email address
  • Online business support at

Asymmetrical High Speed Internet

40/2 Mbps
30/2 Mbps
20/2 Mbps
15/1  Mbps

Advanced High Speed Internet

1 Gbps/50 Mbps
500/50 Mbps
300/20 Mbps
200/20 Mbps
100/10 Mbps
75/10 Mbps
50/5 Mbps
30/5 Mbps
20/5 Mbps
10/5 Mbps

Symmetrical High Speed Internet

1/1 Gbps
750/750 Mbps
500/500 Mbps
250/250 Mbps
100/100 Mbps


Hargray’s Asymmetrical High Speed Internet service allows you to choose the speed you need to access information, conduct business and stay productive.

  • Flexible bandwidth options: With speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 40 Mbps, the Hargray network is highly scalable and provides a range of capacity, allowing you to choose the bandwidth that’s right for your needs.
  • Technical support: We have dedicated customer service professionals ready to support your communications and data requirements.
  • Trouble resolution: Hargray is a facilities-based provider, and we have made significant investments to ensure you receive more reliability from your Business Phone, Internet and IP services.


Get your business up to speed with Hargray Advanced High Speed Internet. It’s available in multiple tiers, allowing you to select the bandwidth that meets your business requirements.

  • Greater Upload Speeds: The technology employed to deliver advanced High Speed Internet service makes it possible to offer upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Greater upload speeds mean increased productivity, putting you ahead of the competition.
  • Multiple Tiers: With advanced High Speed Internet service, you can select download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Get more done in less time by minimizing download lag time.
  • Quality and Reliability: Your business deserves both, and we deliver, with the most advanced services and an attention to detail that’s made us the local favorite for more than 60 years.


We’ve implemented the latest technology to bring you the speed you need to send or receive data to and from the Internet. Share your critical business data quickly and securely with Hargray dedicated Symmetrical Internet Access.

  • Better Connections: Get essential, reliable links to partners and customers, and upload and download at the highest speeds.
  • Greater Capacity: Send or receive large CAD, graphic or data files.
  • Tailored Access: Host your own applications for back-office support functions or government requirements, and connect with remote offices that need to download files or update customer information. Collaborate online with customers, vendors and other business-critical partners, and access the Internet via an existing TCP/IP LAN.

Contact your Hargray representative to discuss your personalized business Internet solutions today.