Hargray Services for Multi-Dwelling Units


Why does fiber matter?

Fiber allows you to future-proof your property by utilizing the most advanced network available –
fiber-optics. Fiber means fast. Faster speeds for your common areas and more speed options for your
tenants. Fiber keeps you ahead of the game as the demand for connectivity grows.

Why Hargray?

No matter the type of facility, we have high-speed solutions to suit every property. Our Internet, Phone, and TV are delivered over our fiber-rich network; providing you and your tenants the best telecommunication services available. Our portfolio includes: Apartments, Condominiums, Student Housing, Senior Living / Assisted Living Facilities, Mixed Use Residential / Commercial and single family communities.

What does it cost me as the owner of an MDU?

Hargray will create a full design prior to requesting any pricing commitments from you. Most programs require zero capital expense. We feel that every resident should have access to affordable high speed Internet, and we want to help you make that a reality!

Do you service existing complexes or just those currently under construction?

It is never too late or too early to consider Hargray services. We are able to provide you with options for your existing property or those that may be in the early stages of development.