SIP Trunking

SIP trunking enables businesses to converge voice and data on a single network. It is available to customers who have SIP-capable IP PBXs. The SIP trunking service will deliver multiple simultaneous calls over an Ethernet circuit instead of traditional ISDN circuits. Instead of using physical trunks with copper wires, SIP trunking establishes virtual IP channels for real-time communications over an Ethernet connection, be it voice, data, video, or messaging. SIP trunking is essentially the IP version of a PRI (Primary Rate Interface) trunk. It provides customers with access to and from the PSTN for voice calls. The SIP trunk is provisioned between the customer’s IP PBX and the Hargray Network. SIP trunking will support direct inward dialing (DID) and a limited set of call features such as caller name and number. Customers who purchase SIP trunks will have IP PBXs that will serve as the primary source for many features.

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SIP Trunking Features

Hargray's SIP Trunking includes the following features at no additional charge (unless noted with an *)

  • Emergency 911 calling
  • Incoming and outgoing calls to the PSTN
  • SIP trunking supports 7- or 10-digit dialing until mandatory 10-digit dialing is required
  • Call forwarding (busy)
  • Out of service forwarding to route calls in the event of a network or hardware failure (customer is responsible for costs associated with the number that calls are forwarded to)
  • Directory assistance*
  • Directory listings
  • DIDs (Direct Inward Dial numbers)*

SIP Trunking Benefits

Converged voice and data allows your business to utilize resources more efficiently - Voice, Internet, and Wide Area Network (WAN) services can be provided over a single physical connection.

  • Integrate multiple offices/PBXs into a single corporate network
  • Share idle voice trunk capacity between all locations with multi-site shared trunking
  • Features include transfer and forwarding, and a coordinated dial plan between all locations
  • PSTN failover capability supported by many IP PBX and IP GW/IAD devices ensures site survivability
  • Since call sessions can easily be increased or decreased without requiring the physical installation of new services or equipment, SIP trunking offers a scalability that allows customers to pay as they grow
  • Keep your existing business phone numbers
  • High-quality digital-voice service