women using phone and computer with internet graphics

The Power of Reliable Internet Service

Having unreliable internet is holding your business back from opportunities and growth, which is in addition to the frustration that comes with lags, interruptions, and inadequate speeds.

Just think what you could do if you had reliable internet service. Here are just 3 of the benefits your business could experience with faster and more reliable internet.


Improved Customer Experiences.

Reliable internet could help boost your customer experiences.

Those experiences shape customers’ opinions and directly impact a business’ bottom line.

First, you’ll have faster access to cloud-hosted information via SaaS tools and other platforms with reliable internet service, enabling you to avoid delays and increase response times to customers and prospects.

Consumer surveys have shown that the time it takes a company to respond matters to them -- prompt and even rapid fast responses are among the key factors cited for positive customer experiences.

Also, having reliable, fast internet can affect your customers’ and potential customers’ experiences on your website.

Consumers have little patience for slow-loading pages or delays when they visit your website, particularly if shopping and purchases are anticipated.

A customer’s website experience, which may be their impression of your business, impacts their overall experience with your company. Even the slightest delays can prompt customers to leave your website and steer their business elsewhere.


More Time For Innovation.

Reliable, high-speed internet opens up opportunities for innovation at your business.

With fewer worries on your plate about internet issues, business owners have more time to focus on other areas, such as new ideas for products and services, problem-solving or even innovative ways to attract and retain employees.

Economic studies indicate that businesses and business communities with high-speed, reliable internet connections experience more opportunities for innovation and accelerated innovation.


Increased Productivity. 

Whether it's wait time for uploads and downloads or delayed access to data or platforms you need, internet issues cause productivity to slow at all levels of a business.

Frustration and low morale also come because of unreliable internet service, which can negatively affect productivity levels.

With faster and reliable internet, your business can experience more efficient processes and smoother operations, leading to increased productivity.

Also, reliable business internet enables access to technology that supports remote work and can improve communications and collaboration with employees and vendors.


Hargray is proud to offer reliable Internet to power your business and keep you up and running. Let us know how we can help you switch or uprage your service.