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Helpful Tips For Working at Home

Helpful Tips for Working at Home

By Chris Lyons, General Manager, Hargray Communications 

The pandemic has all of us adjusting to a ‘new norm’.  If you are new to working from home, it may be a difficult transition from the office. There are steps you can take to adjust to the new work environment and maximize productivity.

Secure the best connection

Working from home requires a fast, reliable Internet connection for video conferencing, using collaboration tools, file sharing, and storage. If your current plan does not include the necessary bandwidth, call your provider to make sure you have the fastest available speed in your area.  Hargray offers up to 1,000 Mbps in many communities in the Lake Oconee area.  

Set up your space

Designate a space that will be your work area. Let everyone in the house know this is where you’ll be working to avoid disturbances. Make sure you are using a suitable desk and seating. The proper set up will help you maintain good posture and prevent stress to your back. You can use a back support and take breaks to get up to walk around to relieve any pressure that causes pain.

Lighting is important. Set up a well-lit workspace so that you can see what you are doing and take care of your eyes. A desk lamp can provide good lighting. Avoid dark spaces or overhead lights spaces that can lead to headaches or strained vision. Diffused light is the most comfortable on the eyes. Use a lampshade or shine a lamp off a wall to help soften the glare.  

Stay connected with your team

It is crucial to keep in contact with your team. Technology makes this much easier to do while working from home.  Having daily calls or meetings with your team members can help keep everyone on the same page and boost morale. Implementing casual check-ins or “Water cooler” calls in addition to formal meetings can help keep everyone on the same page. If your company doesn’t provide you with remote working tools and video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, ask your IT department or specialist what they recommend. Be careful not to download any unsafe or unreputable software that could compromise your computer’s safety.  

Set guidelines

It is essential to keep to a schedule. Set work hours and divide your day as you would in the office. It helps to have a routine so that you stay productive as you would in the office.  To combat the inevitable distractions at home such as children, spouses, and housework, track your deliverables in a planner or checklist so that you stay productive. It is okay to have a few interruptions in your workflow, that is expected, make sure you get back on track and get things done.

Step up to the plate

COVID-19 has added economic stress to many organizations. It’s the perfect time to step up to the plate and show your value. Take some time to assess the needs of your business and think of ways you can contribute to solutions.