Helpful Tips for Avoiding Phishing Scams

The phrase ‘safe surfing’ is not only a cautionary wish for a popular beach activity, it also applies to your security while enjoying the Internet. As our valued customer, we want you to be informed of the potential danger of a common phishing (pronounced fishing) scam currently hitting our area.

One of the methods scammers use to collect personal information is to use pop-up surveys, offering valuable gifts for a few minutes of your time.  While many pop-up windows are safe and well-intentioned, phishing surveys are not. The difficulty is they can appear official with logos and known brands or companies represented, familiar instructions, a choice of rewards and an order form that requires your credit card information. The request for your credit card should be the key warning sign that the pop-up you have been served is a scam of some type. Please be aware: these phishing scams are intended to conduct fraudulent credit card or debit card transactions and may infect your computer with a virus or harmful malware.

We’ve recently received reports from Hargray customers indicating that they have received a pop-up survey appearing to be from Hargray. The pop-up requests that they rate our services in exchange for a monetary prize or reward – the reward requires a credit card be given when re-directed to another “registration” web site. Other customers have reported a pop-up chat window in which a scammer, posing as a Hargray employee, offers to assist customers with services in exchange for account information, social security number or credit card information. While Hargray does offer a transactional survey after each call to our Care Team and while we do have online chat applications on our website, we do not sponsor ANY pop-up surveys or chat windows that have a fee associated with them just for taking the survey.

If you have doubts regarding the validity of a survey or any communication from Hargray, please call us at 1.877.HARGRAY to verify the authenticity of the request and/or communication.