Andrew J. Rein

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Rein and his family moved to the Hilton Head area in September of 2007. He currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for Hargray. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s finance, accounting, and corporate development functions. Prior to assuming this position in 2015, Mr. Rein served as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development and was responsible for the company’s corporate development functions including strategic direction, mergers and acquisitions, and other development activities.

Prior to this role, Mr. Rein served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and was responsible for the company’s residential, commercial, and carrier sales, marketing, product development, customer service, and community relations activities.

Before joining Hargray, Mr. Rein was Director, Strategy and Operations for Access Spectrum, LLC, in Bethesda, MD. Access Spectrum owns and develops licensed wireless spectrum in the 700 MHz and 220 MHz bands.

Before joining Access Spectrum, Mr. Rein was an analyst at Dean & Company, a Washington DC-based telecommunications strategy consulting firm.

Mr. Rein holds a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2000.