Hosted IP PBX

If your phone has a Shoretel logo on it, please proceed to update your 911 information on this page.

If your phone has a Polycom logo on it, please proceed here to update your 911 information.

911 Location Change Request Log-in

The ability to access emergency services by dialing 911 is a vital component of public safety and emergency preparedness. To ensure your continued ability to access emergency services while utilizing your hosted phone services when away from the initial physical service location, please provide the appropriate revised location information when changing locations.

Using this tool, you can update your current location with the 911 database any time, anywhere.

To access your account, please enter your Telephone number and Account number below (to obtain your Account number, please contact your Company Administrator):

*If you need assistance, please contact Hargray Business Sales Support at 843.686.1800