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W E L C O M E T O H A R G R A Y Flip here to read the Hargray story Do More. Live Better. hargray.com1.877.HARGRAY 2 We come from a time and a place where relationships were the first order of business. We built our foundation on the belief that a strong connection is just as important in a friendship as it is in a network. We were born with a determination to keep people close to one another. And to unite every one of our customers from Hilton Head to Lake Oconee with the most highly advanced technology. We realize thats a lot to ask of a telecommunications company. But thats the only way we know how to operate. 3 AT YOUR SERVICE FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS 4 Hargray has been connecting our customers to the things they love since the 1940s. As weve evolved from a local family-owned company in Hardeeville South Carolina into an industry leader in full-suite entertainment and communications services we continue to do business with the same values weve followed since day one. 5 to envision and deliver customer delight 6 We provide entertainment and communications services to tens of thousands of residents and businesses in an area spanning over 400 square miles More than 375 Hargray colleagues including 100 technicians all live work and contribute in the communities we serve 7 PASSION AND FORWARD THINKING IN PERFECT HARMONY 8 Were committed to improving the lives of our customers and communities. That means continuously making investments to strengthen our network and staying at the forefront of current and emerging trends. All so we can keep offering our customers lightning-fast speeds a crystal-clear picture and the most advanced technology there is. 9 To ensure we live up to our promise of providing our customers with the very best weve made groundbreaking advancements in our technology our footprint and our company as a whole. 10 toward improving our network bandwidth and reliability allowing us to deliver the highest- quality services to our communities. So that each of our customers can continue to live their lives in the simplest most fulfilling way. 180M I L L I O N 11 of fiber lines installed to provide advanced business solutions to companies in the Savannah area 175M I L E S 12 of additional fiber lines are scheduled to be installed over the next 12 months 800 163M I L E S C A R R I E R S I T E S across South Carolina and Georgia now receive Hargrays secure fiber- based Wide Area Network to cellular towers throughout the region 13 14 Your Needs Above All Else Our customers are at the center of all we do. They drive us to continually improve the quality of our company. Our family- owned roots and close-knit community fill our colleagues with an unshakable loyalty that in turn transforms our customers into our neighbors and our neighbors into friends. We know theres a certain way you like to live your life. Thats why well go out of our way to support your unique lifestyle. To make your experience as personalized as possible. That way we can eliminate any hassle and give everyone the chance to do more of the things they love. 15 16 We offer features such as auto- pay e-billing and various other automatic services that make every task easy and stress-free. F O R Y O U R CONVENIENCE 17 THE SPEED YOU NEED Our High Speed Internet ranges from 5 Mbps all the way up to 100. Well even be offering Gigabit Internet within the next 12 months with speeds up to 100x faster than basic broadband. That means no matter what you like to do or how often you like to do it we have an Internet speed that suits your every need. 18 We offer a wide variety of advanced phone features from 3-Way Calling to Caller ID along with the crystal clarity of nearly 200 digital television channels and tons of enhanced TV services. So you can easily stay up to date with all of your favoritesfamily friends or flicks. DIGITAL TV AND HOME PHONE SERVICES 19 Investing to help build vibrant and connected communities makes us an all-around better company and helps our communities thrive. As one of the largest employers in the area we believe its part of our responsibility to be community-oriented. 20 We donate time dollars and effort to over 75 local charities organizations projects and events. Some of the groups we support are The American Cancer Society Boys and Girls Clubs Boy Scouts of America Breast Cancer Research and Awareness Special Olympics United Way And much much more 21 Having a local call center and providing services exclusively to South Carolina and Georgia for the past 60 years have given us an undeniable advantage over our competitors. And not just business-wise. Being local allows us to get to really know our customers. Which makes it easier to understand and meet their needs. LOCAL L O V I N G I T 22 Heroes at Hargray We help military veterans transition into the workforce after their service has ended through Heroes at Hargray a program that provides them with hands-on training through paid internships. 23 When Hargray started business in the Lowcountry meant doing business face to face with a team our customers could depend on it meant getting to know our customers names and stories and it meant keeping unsurpassed customer service at the top of our priority list. Today we maintain that philosophy while we expand our network and continue to bring our customers the product and service enhancements theyll enjoy. Throughout the years our company has grown and our products have progressed considerably. But even as our company evolves one thing remains the same great success starts with great connections. And we cant wait to begin a successful future in Lake Oconee. THANK YOU. Michael Gottdenker Chairman CEO 24